They that have power to hurt, and will do none,
That do not do the thing they most do show,
Who, moving others, are themselves as stone,
Unmoved, cold, and to temptation slow;
They rightly do inherit heaven's graces,
And husband nature's riches from expense;
They are the lords and owners of their faces,
Others, but stewards of their excellence.
The summer's flower is to the summer sweet,
Though to itself, it only live and die,
But if that flower with base infection meet,
The basest weed outbraves his dignity:
For sweetest things turn sourest by their deeds;
Lilies that fester, smell far worse than weeds.



Is anyone afraid of Virginia Woolf? Whatever became of Baby Jane? These are just some things you won't find out here.


Book: 'The Seven Against Thebes' - Aeschylus.
Sounds: Synaulia.
TV: Up the Women.
Subject: Russian (Unit 4).
Site: The Ministry of Burlesque.
Wiki: Ancient Rome.
Project: Sequin Studio.
Dailies: Arkadina | Pepys | Chaucer | Bronte | MedievalSoc.
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The Forsyte Saga

Jon Forsyte: Except for Art, and that's out of the question for me, it [farming] seems the only sort of life that doesn't hurt anyone ... well most jobs you do you're competing with other people; trying to beat them; do them down.
Jolyon Forsyte: Hehe, ever heard farmers haggling at markets
Jon: Yes Dad but you don't have to be dishonest or grasping.


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Here is a record of all the fanlistings I have joined, subjects of which I am a connoisseur ;)

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Arthur Miller

Subject: Arthur Miller
Reason: Miller's emotional exploration of the realities of the 'American dream' are a searing indictment on 20th century life and open a window on how industrialisation and capitalism affect the human condition. This comment on humanity ensure he is frighteningling still relevant to modernity and it makes him, in my mind, the greatest playwright since Shakespeare.

Charles Dickens

Subject: Charles Dickens

Charlotte Bronte

Subject: Charlotte Bronte
Reason: Jane Eyre, need I say more?

Daphne Du Maurier

Subject: Daphne Du Maurier
Reason: Graphic will follow.

Dirk Benedict

Subject: Dirk Benedict

Emily Bronte

Subject: Emily Bronte
Reason: 19th Century author of, to my mind, the greatest novel ever written: Wuthering Heights. Emily Brotne lived a tragically short life but left us with some of the most passionate and uncompormising characters ever created.

John Galsworthy

Subject: John Galsworthy
Reason: One of the most beautful of all 20th Century authors, John Galsworthy is generally remembered for 'The Forsyte Saga' adapted most successfully for television in 1967.

Margaret Atwood

Subject: Margaret Atwood

Stephen Fry

Subject: Stephen Fry

William Shakespeare

Subject: William Shakespeare
Reason: The greatest writer ever to have graced the earth. William Shakespeare has never been, and will never be, equalled. Is there anything else to say?

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